EFT Payments Import


The EFT Payments Import function enables users to import EFT information to create One Time EFT Payments or EFT Payments from Templates. 


All mandatory information must be available to create a payment.  If the payment is to be created using a template, information from the template will be used along with information from the import file to create the payment.  If a payment is to be created as a one-time EFT payment, all mandatory information must be available in the import file. 


For information on creating the import file, refer to EFT Payments Import File Layout


To import a file:


1.       From the Payments menu, select EFT then click on the EFT Import menu to access the EFT Payment Import screen.


2.       Enter the name of the File, or click on Browse to search for the location of the file.


3.       Select the File Format from the drop-down menu.  The available formats are Fixed Length or Comma Separated.  Please click here for information on Creating a Comma Separated file from an Excel file.


4.       Click on the Submit button.

If the import is not successful, an error message will be displayed. 

If the import is successful, a summary will be provided on the bottom half of the File Import screen to report total records input, total records accepted and total records rejected. 


5.       You can choose whether to continue processing (bypassing any rejects) or reject the file completely.

To reject the file, click on the Reject File button.  A message will be displayed to indicate that the file will not be processed.

To accept the imported file, click on the Accept File button. If the request is successful, you will receive a message to indicate the file has been accepted for processing. The status of the file can be viewed in the Report Queue. 


6.       Payments that are imported will be listed on the Pending EFT Payments screen.

Check the status of the payments:

  • Payments in ‘Entered’ status must be approved by at least one authorized user before they can be submitted to the Bank.
  • Payments in ‘Ready’ status are ready to be submitted to the Bank.


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