Submitting EFT Payments



The Submit EFT Payments function enables authorized users to submit approved EFT payment transactions to the Bank for processing.  Transactions with a status of ‘Ready’ can be submitted.


Note:  A user can only submit payments from a Payment Group that is associated with an Agreement ID to which they have been given access.


To Submit your EFT Payments:



1.       From the main ‘Payments’ menu, select ‘EFT’ in the sub menu. Then click on the ‘Submit EFTs’ tab. The Submit EFT Payments page will display a summary, by Payment Group, of the transactions that are currently pending. The following information will be displayed for each Payment Group:

        ·         Agreement ID

        ·         Payment Currency

        ·         Total Payments Pending

        ·         Payments Selected for Processing

        ·         The dollar amounts of the payments (total debits and credits) that have been selected for processing

        ·         Payments Pending Approval

        ·         Payments not Selected for Processing


2.       When the Submit EFT Payments page is first displayed, no Payment Groups will be selected for processing. Check the box under the ‘Select’ column next to each Payment Group from which you would like to submit payments.


3.       To view the list of payments in each group, click on the Payment Group link to access the EFT Payment Confirmation page. 


        ·         All payments with a check in the ‘Select’ column will be selected for processing. 

        ·         If you do not wish to submit an individual payment, you can deselect the payment by removing the check next to the payment under the ‘Select’ column.

        ·         Payments that have not been approved will be displayed, but cannot be selected. 


4.       When you have finished selecting the payments you would like to submit for the current Payment Group, press the “Done” button. The Submit EFT Payments page will be displayed with updated totals in each column for that Payment Group.


5.       To submit the selected payments within each Payment Group, press the “Submit” button at the top of the Submit EFT Payments page. You will be asked to enter your password and your Security Token value in order to re-authenticate before the payments will be submitted for processing. Press the token’s button to refresh the value on the display and enter that new number.


6.       Once the transactions have been successfully submitted, the EFT Payment Summary page will be displayed to confirm the total number of payments submitted, the total number of payment files that were created, and the number of pending payments remaining to be approved/submitted.


7.       Press the “Done” button. The Submit EFT Payments page will be displayed with updated details of the pending EFT payments for each Payment Group.


8.       The EFT payments that have been submitted to the Bank will no longer be listed on the Pending EFT Payments page. These transactions can now be viewed on the EFT Payment History page.



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