EFT Chargeback Accounts


When an EFT Payment Group is set up, a chargeback account must be selected.  This is the Scotiabank account to which unpostable items will be returned.

Payments may be returned for reasons such as ‘Account Closed’, ‘Non-sufficient Funds’, ‘Incorrect Account Number’, etc.

Scotiabank must charge these payments back to the account you have specified.

To add additional Chargeback Accounts to the EFT Payments service:

1.       From the Payment Utilities menu, select EFT Chargeback to access the EFT Chargeback Accounts screen.

2.       Enter a 12 digit Scotiabank account number and press the Search button.

3.       The following information will be displayed for valid account numbers:

-         Account Short Name

-         Currency

-         Account Type

-         Account Transit

4.       To add the account that is displayed, press the Add button.

The account will appear in the grid at the bottom of the EFT Chargeback Accounts screen and will be available in the drop down list of accounts when you are setting up a Payment Group.



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