EFT Payment Reports


ScotiaConnect provides you with a variety of timely and comprehensive electronic reports to help you track payments.  The following reports are provided from the Bank’s EFT Payments (Scotia Direct) system:


Input Validation Report

The Input Validation Report provides the results of detailed editing that is performed as your file is processed.  Detailed information is provided so that you can take action on items that have been rejected and items that have been reported as warnings.

This report will summarize, by due date, the total amount of debits and total amount of credits within each payment file. Additionally, any rejected items will be listed with a reason for each rejection.


Returned Item Notification

The Returned Item Notification details any items that have been electronically charged back by the destination (payment recipient’s) financial institution and the reason for the chargeback.


Notification of Change

The Notification of Change is generated when Scotiabank electronically receives a notification of change to banking information from other financial institutions for payments you have previously submitted for processing.  This report provides you with the details required to update your payment data.



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