Pending EFT Payments


The Pending EFT Payments screen displays all EFT transactions that have been entered, but not yet submitted to the Bank for processing.


To view the pending payments, choose a Payment Group (or all payment groups) and press the Search button.  The list of selected payments will be displayed on the lower half of the screen.


A pending EFT payment will have one of the following statuses:


The payment has been entered but must be approved before it can be sent to the Bank. 

Approval 1

The payment has been approved by one authorized user, but must be approved by at least one additional user.

Approval 2

The payment has been approved by two authorized users, but must be approved by an additional user.


The payment is approved and ready to be sent to the Bank.


If you select a group of templates to create payments and you save before all of the required information has been entered, the payments that are missing mandatory information will appear on the Pending EFT Payments screen with a status of ‘Incomplete’.  You can view the details of an incomplete payment however, you will not be able to save any updates to the payment unless you have completed all mandatory fields.


By clicking on the appropriate column heading, you can sort the list of pending EFT payments by any of the following:


          ·         Payment Group

          ·         Due Date

          ·         Payee/Payor

          ·         Cross Reference

          ·         Agreement ID

          ·         Payment Type (Dr/Cr)

          ·         Amount

          ·         Status


You can view/print the details of an individual payment by clicking on the Payee/Payor name to access the EFT Payment Details screen.


Printing a Detail/Summary Report of Pending EFT Payments


You can print a detail or summary report of pending EFT payments from the Pending EFT Payments screen.   Payments will be printed in the order they are displayed on the screen.  Sort the data in the desired order by clicking on the appropriate column heading.


Summary Report

The summary report prints one line for each payment, including the following information:


        ·         Group

        ·         Date

        ·         Payee/Payor

        ·         Cross Reference

        ·         Agreement ID

        ·         Amount

        ·         Payment Type

        ·         Status

        ·         FCN


To print a summary report, click on the Summary Report button.


Detail Report

The detail report prints one page for each payment and includes all payment details as entered on the payment entry screen.  This report also displays an activity log that records all changes in payment status. 

To print a detailed report, click on the Detail Report button.


Note:  If the report that you have selected contains a relatively large amount of data, the report will be sent to the Report Queue, rather than automatically being displayed on-screen.  You can continue working on ScotiaConnect and go to the Report Queue to retrieve the report when it is ready.



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