EFT File History


EFT File History provides authorized users with the ability to determine the status of payments files that have been submitted to the Bank for processing.


To view EFT File History:

1.       From the Payments menu, select EFT Payments >> File History.

2.       You can search for file history by:

a)       File Status

b)       File Creation Number

c)       Sent Date

3.       Click on the Search button at the top of the screen.  The results will be displayed in the lower half of the screen.


A transaction on the EFT File History Screen will have one of the following statuses:


The file has been submitted to the Bank

In Progress

The file has arrived at Scotiabank to be processed


The Input Validation Report is available to confirm Scotiabank’s receipt and processing of your payment file.  This report can be viewed on the EFT Payment Reports screen under the Payment Utilities menu.


Your payment file has been rejected.  Please contact the Customer Service & Support Hotline for assistance.


You can link to EFT Payment History by clicking on the File Creation Number.  The EFT Payment History screen will display all payments with a matching File Creation Number.



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