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EFT Payments

The My Services Information screen for EFT Payments displays the following information:

  • Service Name “EFT Payments”
  • Hours of availability
  • Approval settings belonging to the EFT Payments service
  • Functions belonging to the EFT Payments service
  • Accounts belonging to the EFT Payments service

The EFT Payments service provides the ability send EFT payment instructions directly to the Bank from your PC

Note: All settings displayed on the EFT Payments Services screen are for your information only. To make changes to these settings, go to the Group Information screen.

Approval settings belonging to the EFT Payments service

Approver option can be set to either:

  1. Approval Must Come From a User in a Different Group
    (If selected then the User who approves a payment must be in a different Group than the User who entered the payment)
  2. Must be a Different User

Number of Approvals/Approval Tiers:

This section displays the number of approvals required for your EFT Payment transactions. The number of approvals required for payables or receivables can range from 0 to 3, but will default to 1.

By changing the values for the Minimum/Maximum Approvals Required and the Approval Tiers. The EFT Payment Service can be configured to enforce approvals for all outgoing EFT Payments over a certain dollar amounts. Using these limits it will also enforce approvals, for any changes to any EFT Payment Templates. Approval can be configured for to 1, 2 or 3 Users.

Note: To make changes to your Approver , Minimum Approvals Required or Maximum Approvals Required settings. Please contact your Relationship Manager

Functions belonging to the EFT Payment Service

Note: To add or remove access to services with an x or a checkmark next to them you will need to contact your Relationship Manager.

If a function has been assigned to the service, a check mark will be displayed in the Assign column next to the function. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to have access to any additional functions as shown below.

This service includes the following functions:

EFT Payments Enables EFT Payment transactions to be created/submitted to the Bank.
EFT Payment Groups Enables Payment Groups to be created and modified/deleted.
EFT Payment History Provides a report of historical EFT payment transactions.
EFT File History Provides a report of the EFT files that have been submitted to the Bank
EFT Reports Provides access to the following reports from the Bank’s host system:
  • Acknowledgment Report
  • Input Validation Report
  • Returned Item Notification
  • Notification of Change
Template Maintenance Enables you to create and modify/delete payment templates for beneficiaries you pay on a regular basis.
Submit EFT Payments Enables EFT payments to be submitted to the Bank.
EFT Import Enables full or partial payment information to be imported to create EFT transactions.
EFT Export Enables EFT transactions or EFT payment templates to be exported.
Chargeback Accounts Enables accounts to be added for returned items.

Agreements belonging to the EFT Payments service

SD Agreement Number’s are associated with a Receivables Settlement Account and a Payables Settlement Account. The agreements listed in this section are associated with your ScotiaConnect service.

Note: The SD Agreement Number is used by ScotiaConnect to receive your EFT reports. If your Receivable Settlement account number is different than your Payable Settlement account number. All EFT reports for “both” Settlement accounts will be delivered to that same Agreement Number and thus will be viewable by the same user from the EFT Reports Menu. If you have multiple Agreement Numbers, It is recommended that you have the bank setup all your Agreement numbers with both the Receivable and Payables Settlement Account Numbers as the same account number. This way you will create a 1 to 1 relationship between your SD Agreement Number and your Account Number. This force all reports for a single Bank Account Number to go to a single SD Agreement Number. This make it so a user who has a access to a specific SD Agreement Number will only see reports for the Settlement Accounts that they have the rights to view.

Click on the Service Agreement Number to see details of the Agreement Number.

To leave the EFT Service Information screen, click the Cancel button.

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