Administration Help

User Group Information

The Group Information page displays information about the Groups that your company has set up on ScotiaConnect, including:

  • Group Name
  • Users Belonging to each Group
  • Pending Services for the group, if any
  • Setup Date
  • Last Updated Date
  • Action

Navigate to Administration and select the Group Information sub-menu.

Actions from this page—for those with access rights only

If you are a Super User or Administrative User with access privileges, you may be able to perform some or all of the following actions from the User Information page. If you do not have such administrative access, you will not see the buttons to perform these actions.

Edit groups

In the list of groups, under the Group Name column, click the name of the group you wish to edit. It will present a page that provides all the details of the group—who is in it and the privileges of group members. You may edit such details on that page.

Entitlement Report

On the upper right of the page, click the “Entitlement Report” button to launch a report detailing who has privileges to approve or submit various services or transactions on ScotiaConnect. Details in the next section below.

Add Group

On the upper right of the page, click the “Add Group” button. It will take you to a page where you can create a new group. You can name the group, assign users, assign services and more.

Delete Group

The most far right column of the master list of groups is labeled Action, and you may click the Delete link to remove a group. You will see a pop up dialogue box asking you to confirm this action. Click the “Ok” button if you are sure. That group will now be removed from the list. You cannot undo this action.

About entitlement summary reports

The Entitlements Summary Report allows you to print a detailed summary of all your ScotiaConnect user privileges and entitlements for audit purposes. The report summarizes all your ScotiaConnect service settings organized by group in one comprehensive report.

If the report is large, a message will display indicating that you will be able to download the report via the ScotiaConnect Message Centre.

The Entitlements Summary Report is formatted in the following manner:

  • Group name
  • Users assigned to group
  • Services assigned to group
  • Accounts assigned to service
  • Functions assigned to service
  • Approval settings assigned to service

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