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User Group Information Detail

The Group Information - Privileges page displays information about a particular group set up on ScotiaConnect, including:

  • Group Name
  • Users assigned to the group
  • Services to which the users have access privileges
  • Service groups assigned to the group—if applicable

Navigate to Administration and select Group Information in the sub-menu. Click the Group Name link in the master group list to view (and edit) its details.

Editing user’s assigned to the group

ScotiaConnect privileges are not assigned to individual users. ScotiaConnect uses a role-based entitlements structure. Each role/group is set up with access to services and users are assigned to an appropriate group based on the role they perform and privileges it requires. Remember to save your changes.

View details of a user in a group:

In the list of Users assigned to the group, click the user’s name that you want to view. A new window will pop up displaying that user’s information previously provided. You cannot edit the user details here; that is done from the User Information page and clicking on the user name.

Add or remove users in a group:

Click the button “Add/Remove users from Group” to go to a new page listing all current and previous users. You may check or uncheck persons from this list. To add a net-new user, you must do so from the User Information page and clicking on the user name.

View service privileges

This page also includes details about the services that members of the group have access to perform—such as create, approve, or submit a transaction.

View the functions and accounts of a particular service:

Everyone has access to view the privileges listed under the Services assigned to the group. There is a brief description, and for more information, click Service Privilege’s name link. You will be on another page that lists the functions and accounts belonging to that particular service.

Turn on or off services assigned to a group:

Only super users or those administrative users with the entitlement will see a list of the Service Groups assigned to the group, including the services within each group. Please note most companies have one service group. Those with access may select or de-select the checkboxes beside the Service Group or Service Privilege name to add or remove. Remember to save your changes.

View or edit details of a service assigned to a group:

As above, those with access will see each service group name and service privileges listed as links. Click the service privilege link within a service group to view or edit on a next page. Editable details include approval limits per day, number of approvers based on dollar amounts, selecting or de-selecting functions and more. Remember to save your changes.

Service Groups

For those companies that have more than one service group, they are managed separately and with strict entitlement controls. The majority of users cannot access Service Groups available under the Administration menu.

About service privileges

It’s important to know whether your user group changes require a second person to approve. If so, any actions mentioned above will require a second, different person to approve in order to complete the change.

When your company signed up for ScotiaConnect, it had the option to select ‘Setting up and changing Entitlements requires approval from a different User’ on the service request. If so, then all services are treated as Sensitive Services, meaning that a second user approval will be required whenever:

  1. A service is added to a user group
  2. A user is added to a user group
  3. A service has a new function enabled within a service

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