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Approve User Group Pending Services

Pending Services are when a transaction (e.g., Bill Payment) was created and has a ‘pending’ status because it requires a second (or sometimes third) person to approve it before it is completed.

This is how those Pending Services get set up within a User Group. Similarly, once the Group is changed or created, someone else needs to approve it before it is completed.

How to approve Pending Services of a User Group

Navigate to Administration and select User Group in the sub-menu. Within the master list of User Groups, there is an Action column. If there has been an addition of or change to a User Group, then it will have an “approve” link in the Action column.

If you have approval entitlements, click that “approve” to review those details on the Approve User Group Pending Services page.

  1. Review the list of Pending Services.
  2. Select or de-select the checkbox beside the service(s) you want to approve.
  3. Click the “Confirm” button if your review of the details is satisfactory
    • If you are not satisfied, click “Cancel” to go return to the User Group page.
  4. A dialogue box appears to ask you if you are sure. Click “Ok” if you are, and you should see a confirmation message and the Pending Services of that Group will be enabled

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