File Export – EFT Payments


EFT payment transaction history can be exported from ScotiaConnect and imported into other applications. 


To export EFT payment data from ScotiaConnect:


1.       From the Payments menu, select EFT, then click on, EFT export, to access the EFT Payment Export screen. 


2.       From the drop down menu, select the format for the export file.  The options are Fixed Length and Comma Separated.


3.       Select the time period for the download file from the Due Date dropdown menu.  If you select Date Range, click the calendar  next to the From date and To date fields to select the range of dates.


4.       Choose the desired Sort Order from the drop down menu.


5.       Click on the Export button.


6.       Enter or select the destination directory and filename for the export file.


7.       Click Save.


8.       When the save is complete, you will be able to open the file in another application (e.g. spreadsheet).



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