EFT Payments from Templates


Using ScotiaConnect, you can enter EFT payment instructions quickly and easily using payment templates you have previously set up on the system.  For instructions on setting up templates, please refer to Template Maintenance.


EFT payment templates can be pre-approved up to a specified amount.  Any payments created using a pre-approved template that are within the specified Pre-Approved Amount will not require approval before they can be sent to the Bank.



Creating EFT Payments from Templates


1.       From the Payments menu, select EFT then click on EFT from Templates to access the EFT Payments from Templates screen.


2.       Select the templates you would like to use to create your payments.

      a)       You can search for templates by selecting a Payment Group, entering all or part of the Payee/Payor Name or Cross Reference or selecting an Agreement ID and clicking on the Search button.  The results will be displayed on the lower half of the screen.

      b)       By clicking on the appropriate column heading, you can sort the list of templates by Payment Group, Payee/Payor, Cross Reference, Agreement ID, Amount and DR/CR.

      c)       You can view the details of a payment template by clicking on the link in the Payee/Payor column to access the EFT Payment Details screen.  Press the Done button to return to the EFT Payments from Templates screen.

      d)       Choose templates you would like to use to create payments by clicking on the check box next to the templates, under the Select column.  To select all displayed templates, click on Check All above the Select column.

      e)       Press the Create Payments button.  The templates you have selected will be displayed on the Create Payments screen.

      f)         At this point you may delete payments you do not wish to create.  Click on [delete] under the Action column next to the payments you do not want to save.


3.       The following fields must be entered when creating EFT payments from templates:

Due Date

You will be asked to enter a default due date for the EFT payments on the Create EFT Payments screen.  If a default date is entered, it may be overridden for individual payments. 

The due date for debit and credit transactions can be future dated up to 60 calendar days.

The due date may be backdated up to 170 calendar days for debit transactions and up to 30 calendar days for credit transactions.


A payment amount must be entered.

Note:  If an amount is entered when a template is originally set up, the amount cannot be modified when an EFT payment is created using the template.


4.       The following fields can also be updated when creating EFT Payments from templates:

                ·         CPA Code

                ·         Sundry Information

                ·         Additional Information

To update these fields on a payment:

            a)       Click on the link in the Payee/Payor column to access the Create EFT Payment Details screen.

            b)       When you have finished updating the payment details, press the Save button.


5.       Press the Save button on the Create EFT Payments screen to save the information you have entered.  The following message will appear:

‘Are you sure you want to save these payments?’

Press ‘OK’.

If you have not entered all the mandatory fields for a payment, the payment will be saved, but flagged as ‘Incomplete’.


6.       When you have finished entering all required payment information, click on the Done button.  You will return to the EFT Payments from Templates screen.


You may choose templates to create additional EFT payments. 


Click the Done button if you do not want to enter additional payments.


7.       Check the status of the payments on the Pending EFT Payments screen:

        ·         Payments in ‘Entered’ status must be approved by at least one authorized user before they can be submitted to the Bank.

        ·         Payments in ‘Ready’ status are ready to be submitted to the Bank.

        ·         Payments with a status of ‘Incomplete’ must be updated with all mandatory information before they can be approved and submitted to the bank for processing.


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