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My Services provides a list of Scotiabank services, the hours each service is available, and a brief description. Checks and X’s indicate whether your company has subscribed to access the service on ScotiaConnect. To add an additional service to ScotiaConnect, please contact your relationship manager.

Details about a service

Navigate to Administration and then select Service Information in the sub-menu, and choose My Services. Click the name of the service for which you would like to view further information.

Information on the details page will include:

  • Hours service is available
  • Approval settings belonging to the service
  • Number of approvals required
  • Functions list belonging to the service, and whether assigned

Other information may include, if applicable:

  • Accounts list belonging to the service
  • Account numbers — click to view a pop up with full details
  • Account name
  • Currency
  • Account type
  • Agreements belonging to the service
  • Agreement number
  • Agreement name
  • Currency
  • Receivables settlement account
  • Payables settlement account

To navigate back to My Services, click the “Cancel” button.

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