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My Accounts

My Accounts provides a complete list of all Canadian domestic accounts, US domestic accounts and Foreign Currency accounts that are set up on your ScotiaConnect service.

Information about my accounts

Navigate to Administration and then select Service Information in the sub-menu, and choose My Accounts. This page provides the following information:

  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Division
  • Account type
  • Statement option
  • Currency
  • Status

Viewing or changing account details

From the My Accounts page, click an account number to view or print its details. The details page provides the following information:

  • Account number
  • Account name—you may add or edit
  • Division—you may add or edit
  • Services—lists the services options for this account

General information includes:

  • Currency
  • Account type
  • Status
  • Payment office
  • Country of account
  • Statement option

Service-related account information may include:

  • Daily transfer limit
  • Daily transfer cr limit
  • ICI name
  • Dr limit per transfer
  • Cr limit per transfer
  • CCP Plan
  • Daily wire limit
  • Wire totals today
  • Daily real estate limit
  • Real estate payments today

If you make any changes to the account name or division, be sure to click the “Save” button. To leave the page without saving changes, click the “Cancel” button.

How to add a new account

To add an account to your ScotiaConnect service, the signing authority in your company may submit a request to your Relationship Manager. It will take two business days after the Bank has received your request before balance and transaction information will reported for an account.

After a new account has been added, a Super User or a user with access to Group Information must assign group access to the account.

To delete an account or enable/disable a service option, please contact your Relationship Manager.

Please note: Account access/service privileges cannot be disabled for the Super User group.

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