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Agreement Information

The Agreement Information page provides a list of the agreement numbers that are set up for the Scotia ACH or ScotiaDirect EFT Payments on your ScotiaConnect service. This screen displays the following information:

  • Agreement Number
  • Agreement Name
  • Agreement Division
  • Currency
  • Receivables Settlement Account
  • Payable Settlement Account

Agreement Details

To view the detailed information of an Agreement, navigate to Administration and select Service Information in the sub-menu, and then choose Agreement Information. On that page, click the agreement number of which you want to view details.

The Agreement Details page provides the following information:

  • Agreement Number
  • Agreement Name (editable field)
  • Agreement Division (editable field)
  • Services (covered in agreement)
  • Receivables settlement account
  • Payable settlement account
  • Daily receivables processing limit
  • Daily payables processing limit

Actions on an Agreement Details page

As an option, you may create or edit an Agreement Name to make it easier to identify your Agreement Numbers.

As an option, you may enter an Agreement Division.

Remember to click the “Save” button if you make any changes.

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