Overview of Stop Payments


You can stop the payment of an issued cheque by lodging a stop payment order any time before the cheque has been paid.


Stop payments can be lodged for:

         Individual cheques

You must know the details of the cheque. The stop payment is lodged for the amount and serial number of a single cheque.


         Multiple cheques

A stop payment can be lodged for several cheques at once by specifying a range of serial numbers. The range can include a maximum of 12 consecutive serial numbers.


To lodge a stop payment order for more than 12 consecutive serial numbers (e.g. if you have lost a cheque book), you must contact your branch.


The status of a stop payment order can be any of the following:



The stop payment has been created and approved, but has not been transmitted to the Bank.




The stop payment has been transmitted to the Bank and accepted for processing. It is too late to delete the stop payment.




The stop payment has been transmitted to the Bank and refused. It will not be processed. For more information about why the stop payment was rejected, check the reason description.




No response from the Bank. Try to resend the payment later.




The stop payment was lodged at least six months ago.



Note that ScotiaConnect is only able to process stop payment requests for cheques with serial numbers 8 digits in length or less. Please contact your servicing branch or your Business Service Centre to have Stop Payments applied against cheques with serial numbers that are more than 8 digits in length.


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