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Stop Payments Requests

You can stop the payment of an issued cheque by requesting a stop payment order any time before the cheque has been paid. After a cheque has become stale-dated, stop payments can neither be applied nor honoured.

How to request a stop payment

You may stop payments online for an individual cheque or up to 12 consecutive cheques. For more than 12 consecutive serial numbers (e.g., if you lost a chequebook) you must contact your Scotiabank branch.

Navigate to Services in the main menu and select the Stop Payments sub-menu, and then select Stop Payments Requests. Use the form to create your request.

  1. Enter the Account from which the cheque(s) was issued
  2. Choose to enter an individual serial number or consecutive range:
    • Use the drop menu to select Equal to and type in the exact serial number
    • Or use the drop menu to select Between and the form will change to allow you to enter the first and last serial numbers in the consecutive series – no need to enter more, skip to step 4
  3. For an individual cheque, you must enter the date the cheque was issued, the amount, and the Payee name
  4. When ready, click the “Save” button and your request will appear in the Pending table below
    • NOTE: If the cheque has already been paid, a message will appear and the stop payment order will NOT be transmitted
  5. In the Pending table, click its ‘description’ link in the Stop Criteria column and a modal window will open displaying all the details
  6. You may print the details from this modal window, if you choose

Finalizing a stop payments request

Depending on the access privileges a user has been given, stop payments requests may require two people—one to enter the request and a second user to approve and submit it. The level of approval will depend on the approval requirements your company provided for ScotiaConnect Online Stop Payment Service.

Check the status of the request (see below for the meanings of stop payments statuses), and then for Pending or Ready requests:

  1. Use the top checkbox to check all Pending requests, if you want to select all, or check individual checkbox(es), if you want to select specific request(s)
  2. Below the list is a drop menu from which you can potentially choose to Approve, Submit or Delete (depending on your entitlements and your company’s approval levels)
  3. Click the “Go” button to perform the action you chose
  4. You will see a modal window asking if you are sure you want to proceed with the stop payments request
    • Click “Ok” to continue
    • Click “Cancel” to dismiss
The status of your request(s) will update immediately.
  • If you approve the request, the status will change from Pending to Ready
  • If you submit the request, the status will change from Ready to Accepted

Stop payment approval levels:

The level of approval that is enforced at your company will depend on what instructions your company provided Scotiabank when your company completed your ScotiaConnect Service Request form. .

For the Stop Payments service, there can be a maximum of one approver. The options include:

  • None (No approval required)
  • May be the Same User (Self Approval - Creator must have approval authority)
  • Must be a Different User (Approver must be different from Creator)
  • Must be in a Different Group (Approval must come from a user in a different group)

Delete or remove a stop payment

A stop payment order can be deleted as long as it has not been transmitted to the Bank.

However, if a stop payment order has already been transmitted to the Bank (status is Accepted) and you no longer want to have the stop payment lodged on your account, you must Remove the Stop Payment order.

Stop payment details

The modal window with the Stop Payments detail includes:

  • Account Number
  • Enter Date
  • Entered By
  • Approve Date
  • Approved By
  • Remove Date
  • Removed By
  • Stop Criteria (cheque number and amount)
  • Cheque Date
  • Payee Name
  • Processed Date
  • Ticket Number
  • Status

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