Here you can view and export a variety of reports. If you do not see a report that you need to access, contact your Super User to review your reporting entitlements.

About the Consolidated Balance Report

The Consolidated Balance Report shows the balances of selected accounts. You can include the balances of your current Scotiabank accounts, online loans, GICs, and Trust Sub accounts, as well as accounts held at other banks around the world.

You can view balances in the original currency of each account or converted into a single currency to approximate your overall cash position.

You can select the accounts to include, group the accounts the way you want, and select the level of detail to show on the report.

You can also customize your view by moving, deleting, resizing, sorting, grouping, or displaying the sum total for any opening and/or closing balance. You can also print or export this customized view.

When you run the Consolidated Balance Report you can:

  • Select the Standard report to receive information on all accounts.
  • Select an existing Report ID for which parameters have already been set up.
  • Set up new parameters for a customized report and save them as a new Report ID.

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