Account Details Custom File Exports

ScotiaConnect’s Account Details Custom File Export feature is designed to allow a ScotiaConnect business user to supply Scotiabank’s development team with your specific file export requirements. Our Rapid Development Team will work with your company to develop any format you require. This feature is mainly for customers who have specific file export needs, where one of the Account Details “Standard Export” or “Advance Export” formats, do not meet your specific needs.

A customized export format can be specifically designed to work with a specific or a home grown Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application such as SAP or Treasury Anywhere or any other piece of software.


If you are interested in a customized file export please contact you’re Scotiabank Sales Representative. A Scotiabank Technical consultant will contact you to establish your requirements.


To allow our consultants to serve you in an efficient and timely manner please supply your Scotiabank Sales Representative with the following documentation and information:

  1. Name of ERP that will be processing the file.
  2. File Specification Document detailing each field in the file. (Processing / Query rules etc…)
  3. A sample file(s).
  4. File Name Extension (e.g. .DAT or .CSV etc)

To Access your Custom File Export(s)


1.         From the Account Information menu, select Account Details.


2.         Under the Export Information area of the Account Details screen. Click the Export Format dropdown menu and select Custom Export 1


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