About the Account Details Report

Use Account Details to create reports of transactions from selected account(s) over a specified period of time.

How to create a report

  • To set up reports for multiple accounts, create a new Report ID or select an existing one.
  • Choose the date or date range for your report.
  • Select from any other relevant optional fields.
  • Click View to view the report or Reset to clear the fields back to default inputs.
  • You can print the screen display by clicking Print. If you’d like to create a report, click Report. And if you prefer to export the data, click Export.

Choose your formatting preferences

Set your export formatting preference using the Export Format drop-down menu. Your options include:

  • Fixed Length Text (.TXT)
  • Comma Separated Text (.CSV)
  • Tab Separated Text (.TTX)
  • Excel (.XLS)

Custom account details file export formats: You can also share your specific file export requirements with the Scotiabank development team. The team will work with your company to develop the format you need. See Custom Account Details File Exports for an overview of how to set up and use a custom export format.

Download Scotiabank’s Standard Import & Export File Specifications

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