Wire Payment Memos


The wire payment memo facility within ScotiaConnect enables you to communicate with the Bank’s Payments Department regarding your wire payments.


 To send a memo:

1.       From the Payments menu select Wire Payments then click on Send a Memo.

2.       Select the Type of Memo from the drop down list.

      a)       Query – used to request information/clarification related to a previous transaction.

      b)       Recall – used to request the cancellation of a wire payment transaction.

Note: Wire payment instructions will only be recalled on a ‘best efforts’ basis.  The receiving bank may already have acted upon the instructions.

      c)       Free Form – used to send information for which another message type is not applicable.

3.       If the type of memo is Query or Recall, a Payment ICN number must be entered.

4.       Click on the Continue button to access the next page.

5.       If the type of memo is Query, you must select a Query Reason from the drop-down list.

If the type of memo is Free Form input the investigation case number, if applicable.

6.       You can enter message text in the optional Message field.

7.       Click on the Send button.

The Memo Summary page will be displayed with the following confirmation at the top of the page:  ‘Creation Successful’.

The memo will also be assigned a reference number, indicating that it has been received by the Bank.



Memo Summary


The Memo Summary page displays all outgoing memos that you have sent to the Bank’s Payments Department, as well as incoming memos received from the Bank.


You can select the information to be displayed on the Memo Summary page.

1.       Select the Type of Memo from the drop down list.

2.       Select a date or range of dates

3.       Click on the View button.  The selected information will be displayed on the lower half of the page.

4.       By clicking on the column headings, you can sort the data by:

        -         Creation Date

        -         Memo Reference Number

        -         Memo Type

        -         User ID

        -         Original Payment ICN Number

        -         Investigation Case Number

5.       To view the details of a wire memo, click on the Memo Reference Number to access the Memo Details page.  Click the Cancel button to return to the Memo Summary page.

6.       To view the details of the wire payment transaction that a memo is associated with, click on the Original Payment ICN number to access the Wire Payment Detail page.  Press the Cancel button to return to the Memo Summary page.


Note:  When an incoming memo is received from the Bank, an alert will be displayed in the Message Centre on the ScotiaConnect home page.


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