Upload History


Upload History allows authorized users to search uploaded files and view file details online. Files are stored on ScotiaConnect for 35 days.


Upload History


   File Date. You can choose a date option from the Date drop-down. Available options are:


·         Current Day

·         Prior Day

·         Last Week

·         Last Month

·         Date Range



       Agreement ID is the number associated with your various services available on ScotiaConnect (ex. ECS, EFT…). You can choose an agreement option from the Agreement ID drop down. Available options depend on the products that are linked to the specific ScotiaConnect you are using.


       Ticket number. All files and reports stored on ScotiaConnect are assigned with unique ticket numbers. You can use this field if you know the ticket number of the file you would like to review.


       File/Report Name. If you know a name of the file that you would like to review, you may enter it in the provided field.


       Set as Default. You can save the selected search parameters. These will be displayed automatically next time you access the Upload History page .


       Click Search to search available files corresponding to the selected parameters.


       Click on the ticket number of the file to display details for the file. You have an option to Print the displayed details. Click Done to return to the initial Upload History page.


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