Pending Files


Pending Files allows authorized users to view, approve, submit or delete files that are pending approval or ready to be submitted. Files and reports are stored on ScotiaConnect for 35 days.


File Date


  You can choose a date option from the Date drop-down. Available options are:


·         Current Day

·         Prior Day

·         Last Week

·         Last Month

·         Date Range


Important Definitions & Actions

Agreement ID:

The number associated with your various services available on ScotiaConnect (ex. ECS, EFT…). You can choose an agreement option from the Agreement ID drop down. Available options depend on the products that are linked to the specific ScotiaConnect you are using.



Ticket number:

All files and reports stored on ScotiaConnect are assigned with unique ticket numbers. You can use this field if you know the ticket number of the pending file you are looking for.


File/Report Name: If you know a name of the file/report that you are looking for, you may enter it in the provided field.


Status: You have the option to search for the files by status type: either pending or ready.


Set as Default:

You can save the selected search parameters. These will be displayed automatically next time you access the Pending Files page


Click “Search” to search available files/reports corresponding to the selected parameters.


 To be able to approve pending files, to submit ready files or to delete files you must be authorized to perform these functions. If you get an Authorization Error page, please contact your Super User to discuss your access privileges.


Available pending files can be approved, submitted or deleted. Please choose the appropriate action option from the drop-down menu.

Important Definitions & Actions
Finally, an authorized user can perform:

1. File Approval: Total counts/amounts review is available for the selected files. Click “Confirm Approval” if you would like to approve the displayed files. Files will be assigned a ‘Ready’ status and can now be submitted.


2a. File Submit: As an authorized user, you are asked to digitally sign the transactions by entering your password and your Security Token value. Press the token’s button to refresh the value on the display and enter that new number.


Then click “Confirm Submit” if you would like to submit the displayed files. If any of the files fail the submission, an appropriate error message will be displayed.


2b. File Delete: Click on “Confirm Delete” if you would like to delete the displayed files. The File Delete: Processed Summary page will be displayed. If any of the files fail the deletion, you can view the failed reason by moving over the status.

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