Transaction Search

Use Transactions Search to create reports of selected transactions over a specified amount of time.

How to create a Transactions Search report

  • Choose the date or date range for your report.
  • You can filter your search by transaction amount, type, or reference number (cheque number, for Canadian customer only).
  • To select accounts to search, highlight the accounts in the Accounts Available list and click the arrows to move the accounts to Accounts Assigned.
  • Click View to view the report or Reset to clear the fields back to default inputs.
  • You can print the screen display by clicking Print. If you’d like to create a report, click Report.
  • If you prefer to export the data, click Export.

Choose your export formatting preferences

Download the file specifications for Transaction Search click ScotiaConnect - Import & Export Record Layouts

  • Fixed Length Text (.TXT)
  • Comma Separated Text (.CSV)
  • Tab Separated Text (.TTX)
  • Excel (.XLS)

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