Requests for Transfer

Manage Templates for Requests for Transfer

By creating a template, you can enter Request for Transfer From Templates quickly and easily again and again.

Navigate to Payments and select Requests for Transfer in the sub-menu, then choose the Manage Templates tab. From here, you may add templates, and also view, modify, copy, print or delete the templates already created.

Add a new template

From the Request for Transfer Template Maintenance page, click the “Add Template” button in the upper right. It will take you to a page with a form where you may pre-fill in all the details of a request and save it. Once added, you may create a Request for Transfer with those saved details on the Requests for Transfer from Templates page.

Find templates you created

Any templates already created will display in a list. You can re-sort the list by clicking the column headers.

If the list is long you can narrow it down with the search form to specify either template ID, beneficiary name and/or debit account. Click the red “Search” button and the list will be refined.

Delete multiple templates:
You may delete multiple templates at a time by selecting any or all checkboxes to the right of each item in the list. Then, click the red “Delete” button. You will be asked if you are sure, and if so, click “Ok” to proceed. The template(s) selected will be removed from the list.

Reports – summary or detail

You may create either a detailed or summary report of your Request for Transfer Templates. Reports print in the order they are displayed on the page, so be sure to re-sort the columns in the order you require.

Summary report:
Click the “Summary Report” button to print two lines for each transaction in the search results list. Information included is:

  • Template ID
  • Template description
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary bank
  • Beneficiary account
  • Ordering customer
  • Debit account
  • Debit account currency
  • Payment currency
  • Status
  • Date last used

Detail report:
Alternatively, click the “Detail Report” button to print one full page of detail page per template from the search results list. Detail also includes an activity log of all changes in payment status.

Actions on the template detail page

From the list of templates, under the Template ID column, click the template name/number displayed as a link. This will open a new page called Modify a Request for Transfer Template, where you may view the full details of the template, and may also print, modify, delete or copy it.

Print a template:
The “Print” button is on the upper right of the page. Click it to open your computer’s print dialogue box and proceed as usual.

Modify a template:
You may modify almost all details except the Template ID. Otherwise, this is virtually the same as the Add Template form, except all previous information entered is prepopulated for you to edit, as needed.

  1. When ready, use the “Select a page action” drop down menu and select Save.
  2. Click the red “Go” button.
  3. Back on the Manage Templates tab, a confirmation message will display and this template will be in the list with the changes you made applied.

Delete a template:
After review, you may decide to delete the template.

  1. At the bottom of the page, use the “Select a page action” drop down menu and select Delete.
  2. Click the red “Go” button.
  3. You will be asked if you are sure, and if so, click “Ok” to proceed.
  4. Back on the Manage Templates tab, this template will no longer be listed.

Copy a template:
For your convenience, you may Copy an existing Request for Transfer Template, instead of adding a new one, if you need a template that only differs in a few areas. Be sure to save any modifications before you Copy the template.

  1. At the bottom of the page, use the “Select a page action” drop down menu and select Copy.
  2. Click the red “Go” button.
  3. A new Create a Request for Transfer Template page will display with most of the fields pre-populated with information from the copied template.
  4. You must enter a new Template ID to differentiate this copy from the original. Any of other information may be changed, similarly to modifying a template.
  5. When finished, click on the red “Save” button.
  6. Back on the Manage Templates tab, a confirmation will display and this new copied template will now be in your list.

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