Requests for Transfer

Requests for Transfer History

The Request for Transfer History page enables you to access details of requests that have been submitted to the Bank.

View your history of requests for transfer

Navigate to Payments and select Requests for Transfer from the sub-menu, then choose the History tab.

  1. Use the form to display an historical list of past requests for transfer to match the criteria you need. Only the Execution Date is mandatory to complete your search.
  2. Click the red “Search” button.
    • Note: To the left of the “Search” button is a “Set as Default” button. Click it and the system will remember your inputs for next time, if it is a search you perform often. If so, you will see a message stating: Default Search Setup Successful
  3. Your search results will display below. You may re-sort the columns, if you need.
  4. To view further details of a specific historical request, click its link displayed in the ICN/Reference Number column.
  5. A new window with the full details will appear. From there, you may click to “Print” the page as is, or click the “Report” button to run a report in your preferred format (as chosen in My Profile).


There are three possible statuses of a submitted request for transfer:

In Progress: The payment has been submitted to the bank, but has not yet been received for processing.

Sent: The payment has been submitted to the Bank and received for processing. For each payment received for processing, the Bank returns a unique confirmation number (ICN) with the Sent status.

Rejected: Transactions are rejected if authentication of the digital signature fails at the Bank’s security server. Digital signatures verify to the Bank that the signed transactions came from the person who sent them and the transactions were not altered since they were signed. If you see this status, call the Help Desk immediately as it may mean the transaction was tampered with.

Reports – summary or detail

You may create either a detailed or summary report of your Request for Transfer History. Reports print in the order they are displayed on the page, so be sure to re-sort the columns in the order you require.

Summary report:
Click the “Summary Report” button to print two lines for each transaction in the search results list. Information included is:

  • Execution date
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary bank name
  • Beneficiary account
  • Payment amount, currency and exchange rate
  • Original amount, original currency and rate reference
  • Ordering customer
  • Debit account
  • Status
  • ICN/Reference Number

Detail report:
Alternatively, click the “Detail Report” button to print one full page of detail page per transaction from the search results list. Detail also includes an activity log of all changes in payment status.

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