Message Centre Help

Message Centre information

The Message Centre is where you’ll receive messages and bulletins from the bank related to your ScotiaConnect services.

How to access Message Centre

You can access the Message Centre from the link at the top right of every ScotiaConnect screen. Your ScotiaConnect homepage also features a Messages module that displays your top priority notifications.

Types of notifications sent to the Message Centre

  • Bulletins vary in priority. These are announcements from Scotiabank related to features and services.
  • Messages are medium priority and provide access to the content and/or status of reports and file imports and exports. Message regarding completed reports and exports will expire after three days
Bulletins sent to the Message Centre
  • Announcements about new or enhanced services
  • Information security advice
  • Scheduled service outages or holiday closures
Messages sent to the Message Centre
  • Offline Reports (file export notification)
  • Integrated Payments Operation Summary Reports
  • File Import Notification
Notification statuses
  • New is the status of notifications that have never been viewed by any user.
  • Viewed is the status for notifications that have been opened by any user. Once viewed, the notification will remain in the Message Centre for six weeks and then be deleted.
  • Actioned is a status you or other users define when you take action on the information. NOTE: You cannot “un-action” a message.
  • Pending is the status of reports being generated. The status changes to New when the report is complete.

How to view and action Message Centre notifications

How to view notifications from the homepage Messages module

You can view your five most recent notifications from your ScotiaConnect homepage Messages module. Click the subject line in the Messages column. Your full notification will open in a modal window. To view and search all of your notifications, click More Messages. This will take you to the main Message Centre.

How to view and/or search all notifications

To view all notifications or filter your search, go to the Message Centre. You can get to the Message Centre by clicking More Messages in the homepage messages module or by clicking the Messages link found at the top of every ScotiaConnect screen.
  1. Once you’re in the Message Centre, filter by Message Type (All Types, Bulletins, Messages) and/or by Status (New, Viewed, Actioned, Pending).
  2. Click View to view the resulting list of notifications.
  3. Click the subject line under the Message column to view the full notification in a modal window.
How to mark a message as ‘actioned’

You can keep track of alerts and messages that you or coworkers have followed up on. In Message Centre, messages are listed in a table. There is a column labeled Status by in which each message has a mark as actioned button. When you click this button, you will be asked to confirm that you want to mark this notification as actioned. Once confirmed, your name will display and replace the button. In the column labeled Status date a date and time stamp displays to indicate when it was actioned.